Forest management standards

As a prerequisite for the responsible forest management according to FSC principles, FSC forest management (FSC FM) standards help ensuring that forests are managed considering environmental, social and economical factors for all, forever.

Have a look at the FSC FM standards of the countries in the Adria-Balkan Region below!

Forest managers workers
Forest in Slovenia 2
Vasja Marinč, FSC-certified forest in Slovenia

FSC FM standards cover over 5 million ha of forests in the Adria-Balkan Region

Over 5 million hectares of forest area in the Adria-Balkan Region are responsively managed in compliance with locally adapted FSC forest management standards.

A valid FSC FM standard can be developed either by a national Standard developing group (SDG) (e.g. Bosnia and Herzegovina), or by an accredited certification body when a local SDG is not formed (e.g. Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia).

Download the FSC FM standard for

Bosnia and Herzegovina

FSC-STD-BiH V1-0 EN The FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard of Bosnia and Herzegovina
PDF, Size: 2.62MB


FSC-STD-HRV-01-2020 EN Interim National Standard of Croatia
PDF, Size: 1.19MB


FSC-STD-SRB-01-2023_EN The FSC Interim Forest Stewardship Standard for Serbia
PDF, Size: 1.57MB


FSC-STD-SVN-01-2023 EN The FSC Interim Forest Stewardship Standard for Slovenia
PDF, Size: 1.72MB