Which products can be FSC-certified?

In theory, FSC certification can apply to any forest product. It might surprise you just how many different products can be made with forest-based materials.

Crtanje drawing
FSC / All wood, paper and natural rubber products are certified
Wooden certified product brush


Rough wood, sawn wood, charcoal, veneers, plywood, MDF, laminated timber, pallets, doors, window frames, flooring, furniture, tools, instruments, hair brushes, toothbrushes, cookware, toys, coffins, and more...

Wine cork čep

Non-wood forest products

Barks, cork, latex, rattan, bamboo, essential oils, medicinal and cosmetic ingredients, nuts, mushrooms, truffles, fruits, bush meat, honey, maple syrup, resin, fodder, and more... 

Cardboard box kutije

Pulp and paper

Pulp, printing paper, tissue paper, paperboard, cardboard, paper bags, beverage cartons, egg boxes, paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, envelopes, notebooks, books, magazines, wallpaper, and more...

Rubber boots gumene cizme


Natural rubber is used in many items of our daily lives, including shoes, boots, tyres, footballs, balloons, swimming cap, condoms, mattresses, yoga mats, catheters, gloves, erasers, headbands, and more...

Viscose viskoza materijal


Forest-based fabrics, such as rayon, viscose, modal or lyocell, are increasing being used by the fashion industry.