FSC in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In terms of cultural richness and diversity, Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been a prime example, and just the same can be said for its forests too. Forests make nearly two-thirds of the country, and wood is often utilised for the production of well-known Bosnian furniture.

In short: 2 million ha of certified forests and 386 certified companies
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    Bruno Marić

    61% of the total forest area is FSC-certified

    According to the Second National Forest Inventory in BiH (2006-2009), total forest area in Bosnia and Herzegovina amounts to 3,2 million hectares (M ha). Out of this, forests (high and coppice) cover 2,9 M ha, while shrubbery, barren land and other forest areas cover the remaining ten percent. 

    2 M ha of various forest types in Bosnia and Herzegovina are FSC-certified, ensuring and demonstrating responsible forest management, according to the 10 FSC principles.

    BiH FM certification

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    FSC-certified forests are present in both entities

    Looking for an FSC-certified forest? The chances are you will find one quickly, as they are equally spread across Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is around 1 M ha of FSC-certified forests in both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and the Republika Srpska (RS). Additionally, you can find an FSC-certified forest in 7 out of 10 cantons in FBIH.

    Forests across BiH


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    FSC-certified forests are responsibly managed by the state

    Forest ownership and management responsibilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are distributed between the public institutions of the two entities (70%) and private forest owners (30%). 100% of the certified forest area in Bosnia and Herzegovina is state-owned and managed, and indeed, most of the state-owned forests are FSC-certified. 

    Currently, there are 8 public forest management companies in charge of FSC-certified forests:

  • Tetrao urogallus
    Tetrao urogallus

    11% of certified forest area are high conservation value forests

    High conservation values (HCV) are biological, ecological, social or cultural values of outstanding significance found in forests. FSC requires that the forest managers maintain and/or enhance the HCVs in their forests through applying the precautionary approach. Considering that almost 2 million ha of forests in Bosnia and Herzegovina are FSC-certified, the effects of certification on the protection of various HCV attributes are very significant.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries in Europe with the greatest diversity of species of plants and animals. As much as 30% of the total endemic flora in the Balkans (1,800 species) is contained within the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

    Some of many HCVs in the forests of Bosnia and Herzegovina include:

    • Primary forests across the country
    • National parks
    • Seed protection forests containing local valuable gene pool
    • Habitat of the western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) also know as the cock-of-the-woods
    • Cultural values: Old town Vranduk, old town Visoki, neolithic settlement Lug...
    • Waterfalls and canyons (rivers Bliha, Una, Banjica...)
    • Natural fish hatcheries (huchen and grayling)
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    Over 350 companies produce or sell FSC-certified products

    There is over 350 companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina that are FSC-certified. This means that they source forest materials from the FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources, thus ensuring responsible forest management and use of forest materials. A third of all certified companies are processing companies (primary and secondary processors), while the rest primarily trades in certified products (brokers and traders).

    Look for the FSC-certified companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina here.

    BiH certified companies


  • Standard Furniture Factory d.d.
    Standard Furniture Factory d.d.

    Half of the certified companies produce or sell FSC-certified furniture

    The abundance of forest reserves as well as a strong heritage of wood processing and forestry contribute to the development of the furniture sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This sector is characterised by the presence of well-diversified international and regional manufacturers. The importance of this value chain is further confirmed by the fact that half of the FSC-certified companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina either produce or trade with furniture.

    Furniture producers

  • Solid wood

    Solid wood is the most common FSC-certified product in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Solid wood is a term often used to distinguish between ordinary lumber and engineered wood. While solid wood is the same all the way through, engineered wood products are manufactured by binding together wood strands, fibres, or veneers with adhesives to form a composite material. 

    Considering a variety of forest-based materials, 7 out of 10 FSC-certified companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina process or sell solid wood (sawn, chipped, peeled) or wood in chips or particles, followed by 6 out of 10 FSC-certified companies processing or selling rough wood.

    Bosnian companies coc