Online training: FSC Chain of Custody

The FSC Chain of Custody webinars are free and intended for FSC CoC certificate holders from the Adria-Balkan Region. Registration for the webinars is required.

Previous participants rated the webinar content with an average rating of 9/10 and 100% of participants said that they would be happy to recommend the webinars to colleagues and other companies in the sector!

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About the webinars

The FSC Chain of Custody webinars are designed for online use. In 2024 there will be a total of 8 free webinars organised for the CoC certificate holders from the Adria-Balkan Region.

The webinars are presented by the FSC employee in Croatian language with the graphic support of presentations. The live format of the webinar with a mentor allows the certificate holders to communicate directly with each other and with the mentor, in order to clarify any ambiguities.

To find out more information and to apply for the webinars please use the registration form below! You can follow each webinar using the web link provided after the registration.


A total of 8 free webinars is planned for the 2024. Duration of each webinar is approximately 45 minutes. From February to October, CoC certificate holders will have a chance to follow a webinar every second Tuesday of each month. Each webinar starts at 10:00 o'clock. Please connect a few minutes earlier to control your connection.

  1. webinar: Introduction to the Forest Stewardship Council (I) - 13.2.2024.

    1) Forests in the world and in the Adria-Balkan Region

    2)  FSC system and benefits of certification

  2. webinar: Introduction to the Forest Stewardship Council (II) - 12.3.2024.

    1) Market drivers

    2) Entities and roles in the certification process

    3) Overview of the FSC normative framework

  3. webinar: General requirements (I) - 9.4.2024.

    1) Objective and content of the CoC standard

    2) To whom does FSC CoC certification apply?

    3) Chain of Custody management system

  4. webinar: General requirements (II) - 14.5.2024.

    1) Scope of the certificate

    2) Allowed materials and eligibility criteria

  5. webinar: Control of FSC claims - 11.6.2024.

    1) FSC claims

    2) Transfer system

    3) Percentage system

    4) Credit system

  6. webinar: Additional requirements (I) - 9.7.2024.

    1) Material sourcing 

    2) Material handling 

    3) Production

    4) Sales

    5) FSC material and products records 

    6) Product labeling

    7) Contractors

  7. webinar: Additional requirements (II) - 10.9.2024.

    1) Supply chain integrity

    2) Compliance with timber legality legislations

    3) FSC core labour requirements

  8. webinar: Using the FSC trademarks - 8.10.2024.

    1) General requirements for use

    2) On-product trademark use

    3) Off-product trademark use

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Materials and Confirmation of attendance

After each completed webinar, participants will receive a copy of the interactive presentation (in either Croatian or Slovenian language variant) to be able to additionally revise the presented material in their own time, as well as a simple Confirmation of attendance in a pdf format.