Ecosystem services verification

Ecosystem services (ES) are the benefits that people obtain from nature. In FSC-certified forests, valuable ecosystem services are protected – and in 2018, FSC introduced a procedure to demonstrate and communicate about the positive impact of responsible forest management on ecosystem services.

These verified positive impacts aim to facilitate payments for ecosystem services and provide access to other benefits, thereby adding business value for those who responsibly manage forests and those who take action to preserve forest ecosystem services.

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Types of ecosystem services

The FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure is a free tool that incentivise the restoration and conservation of forest ecosystem services. It focuses on five types of forest ecosystem services.


By offering evidence of positive impacts as well as tools for communication and green marketing, the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure aims to bring monetary and non-monetary benefits to those who actively support the responsible management of the world’s forests and ecosystem services.


Evidence of positive impacts

Building on existing world-renowned certification, the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure provides a global approach that FSC certificate holders use to demonstrate the impact of their forest management activities on one or multiple ecosystem services at the forest site level. Once the forest manager has implemented all seven steps to demonstrate a positive impact, this is evaluated by a certification body. The resulting third-party verified positive impacts, referred to as ecosystem services claims, can be used for promotion and communication purposes as well as to seek sponsorship.

To learn more, access the Introductory Webinar on the Ecosystem Services Procedure.

Communication: forest impact stories

Attractive impact stories are a new communication opportunity for specific forest sites, highlighting their unique features and ecosystem services (ES) claims accompanied by the widely-recognised trademarks of FSC. Both forest managers and those who financially support the protection of ecosystem services in FSC-certified forests can use FSC ES claims to tell forest impact stories, drawing on FSC’s internationally regarded leadership in responsible forest management solutions.

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For more information on ecosystem services verification and how to use FSC-PRO-30-006 Ecosystem Services Procedure: Impact Demonstration and Market Tools on your certified forest area please consult the following documents or reach us directly.

FSC-GUI-30-006 - Guidance for Demonstrating Ecosystem Services Impacts
PDF, Size: 7.02MB
FSC-PRO-30-006 EN V1-2.pdf
PDF, Size: 1.03MB