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Known for its long and indented coast with over a thousand islands and islets and transparent-blue Adriatic sea, Croatia will also impress you with its rich forests covering nearly half of the land area. 

Did you know that the first forest management and chain of custody FSC certificates of Adria-Balkan Region were issued precisely in Croatia?

In short: 2 million ha of certified forests and 404 certified companies
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    74% of the total forest area is FSC-certified

    Are you looking for an FSC-certified forest in Croatia? That's a piece of cake! Nearly three-quarters of the total forest area in Croatia are already FSC-certified! Furthermore, Croatia has the highest share of FSC-certified forest area in the world. According to the document Šumskogospodarska osnova 2016-2025, the total forest area in Croatia amounts to 2,8 million ha (M ha). Forests (high and coppice) cover 1,8 M ha (i.e. 63%), shrubs, maquis and other kinds of vegetation cover 0,7 M ha (i.e. 27%), while 0,3 M (i.e. 10%) ha are bare forest lands.

    2 M ha of various forest cover in Croatia is FSC-certified, ensuring and demonstrating responsible forest management, according to the 10 FSC principles.

    FSC-certified forests in Croatia

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    FSC-certified forests are responsibly managed by the state and private companies

    Forest ownership and management responsibilities in Croatia are distributed between the state (76%) and private forest owners (24%). Most of the state-owned forests and a part of private forests in Croatia are FSC-certified. 

    There are three forest management companies in charge of FSC-certified forests:

  • National park Plitvice lakes Croatia

    19% of certified forest area are high conservation value forests

    High conservation values (HCV) are biological, ecological, social or cultural values of outstanding significance found in forests. FSC requires that the forest managers maintain and/or enhance the HCVs in their forests through applying the precautionary approach. 

    Due to its specific geographical location where Pannonian, Dinaric, Mediterranean and pre-Alpine biogeographical influences intertwine, Croatia is extremely rich in terms of landscape and biological diversity. There is over 300 thousand hectares of FSC-certified forests in protected areas according to the national classification. That includes:

    • special reserves
    • nature parks
    • regional parks
    • nature monuments
    • protected landscapes
    • park-forests

    In addition to over 80 thousand hectares of:

    • other protective forests (soil, watercourses, erosion, settlements)
    • seed stands containing local valuable gene pool
    • forest for research and defence
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    Over 400 companies produce or sell FSC-certified products

    There is over 400 companies in Croatia that are FSC-certified. This means that they source forest materials from the FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources, thus ensuring responsible forest management and use of forest materials. More than a third of all certified companies are wood processors (primary and secondary), while half of the certified companies primarily trades with FSC-certified products.

    Look for the FSC-certified companies from Croatia here.

    Croatia certified companies

  • Solid wood

    Solid wood is the most common FSC-certified product in Croatia

    Solid wood is a term often used to distinguish between ordinary lumber and engineered wood. While solid wood is the same all the way through, engineered wood products are manufactured by binding together wood strands, fibres, or veneers with adhesives to form a composite material. 

    Considering a variety of forest-based materials, 7 out of 10 FSC-certified companies from Croatia process or sell solid wood (sawn, chipped, peeled), followed by 6 out of 10 FSC-certified companies processing or selling wood in chips or particles or rough wood.

    Croatia top certified products