FSC certification

FSC has developed a voluntary certification scheme that sets out best practices for forest management worldwide. By becoming FSC-certified, forest owners and managers demonstrate that they are managing their forests responsibly, while companies demonstrate their dedication to the usage of responsible materials and to forest protection.

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More and more people are interested in knowing where the products they buy come from, how they are made and what is their impact on the world around them. This information plays an increasingly important role in consumer and business decisions on what they buy. At the same time, for the owners or managers of forests or a businesses that produces or sell forest products, it is important to demonstrate that they operate in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.

FSC certification is designed to help: it helps ensuring that the FSC-labeled products come from a responsibly managed forests, and responsible sources and supply chains.

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Third-party certification

Third-party certification

FSC does not issue certificates to forest management or businesses; instead these are issued by independent third-party accredited certification bodies on FSC’s behalf.

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Types of FSC certification

From the forest to the supply chain of wood and and non-wood forest products, FSC has developed two main certification types: Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification.

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Benefits of FSC certification

High standards of environmental protection, listening and involvement of interested stakeholders and economic sustainability.

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What can be FSC-certified?

In theory, FSC certification can apply to any forest product. It might surprise you just how many different products can be made with forest-based materials.


FSC trademarks and labels

Labelling and promoting with FSC trademarks highlights certified company's achievements in responsible sourcing of forest-based materials.